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For now, see how our engineers working on a robot
Testing the Mark I robot prototype in 2017 in our first mini assembly space.
Our engineers are preparing the robot commissioning at the customer's warehouse. Instructions are so user-friendly that employee can easily manage the robot.
Here, engines, chassis, control units and electronic stuffing are put on the robot frame.
For the robot's transportation, we use a solid platform and a protective case. So we guarantee that the mechanism won't damage before get to customer.
Final checkout of Mark II before testing
Secret development of R2B company. Mark X Limited Edition.
Mark II cleans the space at night. Cameras and sensors work properly even in complete darkness
Store manager launched the Mark-1 to clean the retail store.
Here, engineers assemble the robot metal frame. They fix knots, tanks and batteries on it. The robot weight after assembly and filling the water tanks is 200 kg.
Test model of Mark-1 (right) and updated Mark II (left) with a larger water tank and increased power reserve.
Mark II vs dirt in action
telegram/whatsapp: +7 903 825 20 80