robotic floor scrubber
Mark 2
robotic floor scrubber
Mark 2
The robot is designed for airports, hypermarkets, business centers
Recognizes glass and doesn't fall down stairs
Maintenance of the robot takes 15 minutes a day
Avoids obstacles and people
The robot is designed for airports, hypermarkets, business centers
Avoids obstacles and people
Recognizes glass and doesn't fall down stairs
Maintenance of the robot takes 15 minutes a day
Lidar builds an area cleaning map and helps MARK-2 to define where he is in real-time.
4 depth chambers are located on each side of the robot that help to recognize obstacles which are very difficult to be detected. MARK-2 sees the environment without blind spots.
The tracker camera controls the route and helps to stay in a given cleaning area.
Computer vision platform has been designed to process data from cameras and sensors. The AI system continuously detects, tracks and classifies moving and fixed objects. MARK-2 avoid obstacles and absolutely safe for people.
MARK-2 has 4 depth cameras, a tracker camera and a lidar to help the robot navigate in complex environment. The processor processes the data and builds a map of the room with obstacles.
Computer vision and security
Due to computer vision, the robot calculates the cleaning path without unnecessary maneuvers. That allows to clean close to the retail counters. Computer vision helps the robot detect moving objects in advance, if such an object appears, Mark 2 will rebuild the path or stop.
Minimum obstacle diistance while cleaning
Minimum passage width for proper work
The robot will determine when to connect with the charge station, find it and continue the cleaning process after recharging.
it's about 1/2 of an average supermarket
2500 m² the cleaning area per battery charge
Safety algorithms and a computer vision system help MARK-2 to identify obstacles in advance. Even if an object appears unexpectedly in the security zone, the robot will avoid it
For full charge
2 hours
work on a single charge due to the battery capacity of 105 Amp hours
4 hours
Water recovery system allows MARK-2 to clean wasted water and re-use it.
Mark 2 works in a hypermarket with customers, racks and glass showcases
Half an hour of Mark 2 work in 4 minutes
How we created the Mark 2. From prototype to working sample.
Robot control
You can set the cleaning program, start the robot and control status of the process. The basic menu makes operating and maintenance process easy and intuitive.
You can manage MARK-2 with its touch screen
It instantly turns off the motor, pumps and brushes
MARK-2 has an emergency stop button
If an error occurs, the robot will give a signal to the operator, indicate its code and location.
The location of MARK-2 can be tracked via web or mobile app
Why Mark 2 doesn't leave dirt and water streaks
Mark 2 has a two-stage cleaning system and he's taught to purify the water so that it can be reused.
We've developed a detergent re-use system for our robots. Waste water passes through filters and is reused. A 45-liter tank is enough for an 8-hour shift and the robot doesn't need constant replenishment of water.

Rubber bands should be changed every three months.
You can easily replace it yourself. All the details can be ordered from our warehouse. Delivery takes up to 3 days.
3. Water recovery system
The rubber bands are set at such an angle that the pump completely collects water and leaves no streaks.
Immediately after pre-sweeping MARK-2 rinses the floor. Wet cleaning provided by detergent supply unit, rubber bands and a pump for collecting waste water.
2. Washing
The brush should be changed every 2 months. One spare brush is included in the robot starter kit.
1. Pre-sweeping
During the cleaning process, the robot's sensors ensure that objects larger than 3 cm do not get into the filters and the running gear. Sensors detect such objects in advance so that the robot has time to react and go around them
A brush is installed on the front of MARK-2 and removes dry trash. Therefore, the robot does not leave streaks after the washing system.
Electrical safety for human and animals
The station can be located anywhere, it is completely safe for people and animals and protected from water cause short circuits. Voltage is applied only after docking the robot to the station.
Smart charge
MARK-2 can take an hour of recharging or a 2 hours full charge at the end of the shift.
The station can be placed anywhere
MARK-2 will find it and connect autonomously. After recharging robot will continue the cleaning path.
If the battery charge is exhausted MARK-2 uses a charging station for recharging or full charge. This is a box with a contact pad powered by a 220 V socket.
Charging station
Floor scrubber with operator
Autonomous cleaner MARK-2
Does not require the constant presence of the operator
Water tanks need to be refilled once every 8 hours. Water recovery and purification system do not need intermediate manual operations
1-hour charging every 3 hours during the shift and 4-hour charge after the shift
One employee can control multiple robots. The training takes 20 minutes
Reliable and consistent cleaning, every day. Areas for thorough cleaning can be set
Does not operate without machine operator
Water tanks need to be refilled several times per shift
The average operating time is 6 hours, 10 hours charging time
Requires staff training
Reliable and consistent cleaning depends on the human factor
How do we work on robots
Warranty and service
charging station
2 sets of rubber bands
2 sets of brushes
transport box
30 000
Robot Mark 2
We keep a stock of consumables and details in order to send them to customers on time. If you need to change a rubber, filters or brushes, we will deliver needed details in 3 days by postal service.
3 days
In case of a serious breakdown, the engineer will come the next day. Each of our robots has a tail number and technical support maintains a service log and records all calls. Even if you replace the responsible specialist, we will know all the features of your Mark 2 in order to remind you of maintenance in time
The R2B technical service works 24/7. Feel free to message or call us and we will help you we can help you set up your robot, update the firmware, or fix a minor problem.
customer support
1 year
Any failed block or detail (other than brushes and rubber bands) will be replaced. In case an important unit breaks down, we will supply a replacement robot for the duration of the repair.
Contact Us
If you have questions about Mark 2 or you are deciding to order a robot, leave your email or phone and our manager will contact you. We promise, no spam and continuous mailings.